Penerbit Aseni
Penerbit Aseni
Penerbit Aseni


Rp 70.000
Judul : Dawn of the World (Novel)
Seri :
ISBN : 978-602-70424-6-9
Pengarang : Iswi Hapsari Sulistyo
Terbit : 2015
Halaman : 642
Dimensi (mm) : 140x200
Sinopsis The sun was beating down mercilessly and Iola panted hard. Strands of hair had escaped the ponytail she tied it into and stuck to her face and neck with sweat. Her clothes had long been plastered to her back, sticky and uncomfortable because of the humid and heat. As they continued to walk on she wondered if they will ever get out of this forest. It has been more than six days since Iola came to this world and every day she was still surprised by the strangeness of it. She never got over the feeling of amazement and slight confusion every time she woke up in the morning to find herself here. The forest wasn’t as intimidating as she thought before, and she began to appreciate its colorful beauty. She never got bored of admiring the multi-colored trees, with its red and black and grey trunks. Most of the times the leaves of the tree will contrast differently with the color of its trunk; white leaves over a red tree or yellow ones on top of the blacks. The colors contrasted and mismatched, yet somehow it works, coordinating perfectly with the golden grass. Her favorite tree so far was the one that have grey trunk with pale rose leaves that changes color to a deep red wine when the wind blew through it. It amazes her so much that every time they passed through one she would stop for a second, just to wait for the leaves to change color. When the sunlight beamed through the forest just right, it seemed to be glinting over the colorful leaves and barks and the golden grass, leaving it bathed in an almost luminescent, rainbow glow and more than once Iola had to stop and stared in awe at her surroundings.